Preloved clothing at Nest Living

Nest is proud to feature as one of the “coolest preloved fashion shops in Devon,” on Muddy Stilletos.

For every wardrobe

Shop sustainably in Devon

Shopping preloved is a fun and sustainable way to add to your wardrobe, whatever your personal style.

Second hand shopping has a sense of the treasure hunt about it, as you never quite know what you’re going to find.

It’s also a great way to clear out any items you no longer need or wear.

Pass on your preloved fashion

How to sell your preloved clothing with Nest

 If you’re local and would like to bring in some clothes to sell, we accept up to 10 in-season items in an excellent, freshly-laundered condition. 

Visiting our store in Topsham, Devon

Topsham is a beautiful estuary town just outside Exeter with excellent transport links.  
A train runs from Exeter central to Topsham approx every 30 minutes, and we are a 5 minute walk from Topsham station.
There are 3 main car parks: Holman Way, Matthews Hall & Topsham Quay.

Opening hours

10ish til 5ish
Monday to Saturday

11ish - 3ish
Sundays & Bank Holidays

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